Before & After Comparisons


Use the sliders to see the before vs. after images of some of our LED retrofit projects.

Next Step Energy Solutions upgraded the 400 Watt metal halide lamps in this underground parking lot to new 80 Watt LED lamps, increasing the amount and quality of light and also public and tenant safety.


We retrofitted the old six-lamp fluorescent fixtures in this operating room with LED tube lamps. We know in which one we would prefer to undergo a procedure!


New LED tube lamps made this office building hallway look like it had undergone a remodel recently.


We replaced the existing 250 Watt high pressure sodium fixtures in this parking garage with new 45 Watt LED fixtures. Even in the daytime, the quality of light and public safety were increased dramatically.


New LED tube lights installed in the existing fluorescent ceiling troffers made this hospital corridor a more inviting and safe passageway.


By replacing the existing fluorescent lamp fixtures with new LED fixtures, we were able to provide the patrons of this health club with a superior space to hoop it up!


We worked with the facilities and athletic staff of a local high school to replace the old metal halide fixtures with new LED high bay fixtures, giving the school’s athletes an upgraded atmosphere in which to compete, and attendants a better viewing experience.


No new paint or carpeting, but this commercial office building hallway benefitted greatly from the new LED ceiling troffers that we installed.


In this typical commercial office building, Next Step Energy Solutions replaced fluorescent troffers with new LED fixtures and code-compliant controls.


If we had a choice, we would rather travel in this elevator after we had installed new LED lighting. Wouldn’t you?


Taken from the atrium of a commercial office building looking down two hallways - one that had been upgraded with new LED ceiling lights and one that had not - you can see the stark difference in terms of the amount and quality of lighting that LED brings to any building.